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2022年12月25日 (日)

Proof of Origin for "Modernity"

If we look back on the history of modernity, there is no doubt that the era of modernity in which all mankind is now living was created by Westerners as a platform. Non-Westerners are living a modern life on that platform, using various formats created by Westerners. This is a reality and a fact that we have no choice but to do so, whether we like it or not, good or bad. Universities, institutions of higher education (one of the platforms), and the academic and other resources that are researched and produced there on a daily basis are no exception.

 And we modern people, without exception, recognize "human society" and "the world" through intellectual resources such as academia. Just as the ancients understood "the world" and "the universe" through "mythology. Just as medieval people understood "man" and "nation" through "religion".

 On the other hand, modern people who live daily with modern intellectual resources identify themselves as modern people and regard others as pre-modern people. However, the resources of universities and philosophy are resources that have been developed by Westerners in order to recognize, grasp, and manipulate what they consider "modernity," "rationality," "good vs. evil," and "efficient. Therefore, non-Westerners must always be "careful" with the intellectual resources that make up their knowledge.

 The most important thing Michel Foucault said was that it is always the normal who distinguishes between reason and madness, and that the tribunal itself is power. Michel Foucault was "buying" pedophilia, which is illegal in France, legally in Tunisia, North Africa, where there are no legal restrictions. This is the reality of what Westerners call "law," "justice," and "universality. That "universality" stops just before non-Westerners, which Westerners cannot see as unjust.

 In the 1980s, during a trade dispute between Japan and the West, they accused Japan of having "double standards." Japan has a double standard. To them, this must be true. For Westerners, there is no such double standard as the distinction between "建前 tatemae" and "本音 honne," because their "建前 tatemae" is that there is no such distinction. For Westerners, their "本音 honne
" does not exist. However, it is suppressed and hidden from their eyes. Or is it the result of self-control?

 Thus, the discourse of Westerners is also usually constructed for their convenience. The "reality" that is constructed by the discourse is also created by the Westerners. This is why it takes a great deal of intelligence and boldness for non-Westerners to change the "reality" in front of them. We non-Westerners do not want to become "honorary whites," at least not without being aware of it.


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