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2023年5月 7日 (日)

"das Haus" as an outer shell of an isolated individual

 "Modernity" has severd 'individuals' from the 'people' who lived in the various circumstances, ties, 'laws' and bare 'forces' of the pre-modern era. This is because 'modernity' has severed people's ties based on a new legal concept of 'rights'. We have happily transformed from nameless 'people' into individuals with their own names. We have achieved freedom.

 But then, are people today in the 21st century sufficiently free compared to J.S. Mill's time? Are we not being driven right and left by the information on social networking sites? Have we not had our 'freedom of assembly' restricted by our rulers under the guise of infection control? Have we not been bombarded by the media about the growing security crisis, and have we not acquiesced to the government's plan to increase taxes to boost military spending? RIKEN, which is (supposed to be) one of the core organisations of science in Japan, has been in a dispute over the operation of fixed-term employment for many years now, and the group of researchers has become fragmented and is no longer capable of "world-leading research". The current reality is that defenceless 'individuals' are being crushed by 'organisational power'.

 It wasn't supposed to be like this. After all, 'people' need some kind of shell (not a shelter). I think we need to rethink the 'house'. It is 'das House' that combines the two roles of 'family' and 'building'. In Mill's words in the previous blog post, various experiments in living in 'das House' should be tried. In recent years, I strongly believe that we have been looking at 'das House' too negatively. We belong more or less strictly to what is actually 'das House' in the present day.

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"different experiments of living" (John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, 1859)/さまざまな生活実験(J.S.ミル『自由論』安政六年): 本に溺れたい

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« Wataru Kuroda's "Epistemology" | トップページ | Origins of 'nostalgia'. »