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2023年7月11日 (火)

"serendipity" and "Kega no Komyo (a blessing in disguise)"

 The comparison between "serendipity" and "怪我の功名(Kega no Komyo)" reveals both similarities and differences.

 "Serendipity" refers to the occurrence of unexpected discoveries or fortunate events while searching for something, often resulting in outcomes or findings that are different from the original intent. It highlights the role of chance or destiny in leading to serendipitous discoveries and serves as a source of creativity and innovation.

 On the other hand, "怪我の功名" refers to the phenomenon where initially negative events or hardships later yield unexpected benefits or positive outcomes. It signifies the idea that adversity or troubles can eventually lead to growth and learning opportunities.

 The difference lies in the fact that "serendipity" inherently represents positive events or discoveries, whereas "怪我の功名" initially refers to negative events or difficulties. Furthermore, "serendipity" emphasizes unexpected fortunate events or discoveries, while "怪我の功名" focuses on the subsequent benefits or positive impacts that arise from the initial challenges.

Note: The translations provided above are approximate and may not capture the full nuance of the original expressions.


The above is an English translation by chatGTP of our article "「serendipity」と「怪我の功名」: 本に溺れたい".


« 「serendipity」と「怪我の功名」 | トップページ | You don’t know what you know »

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« 「serendipity」と「怪我の功名」 | トップページ | You don’t know what you know »