2022年11月 6日 (日)

The plant population is not a net producer of oxygen

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南米アマゾン熱帯雨林火災〔2〕: 本に溺れたい

 Let's recall "photosynthesis," which we learned in high school science courses (chemistry and biology). Plants use the energy of sunlight during the day, plus CO2 from the atmosphere and H2O from the soil, to produce carbohydrates (mainly glucose C6H12O6) and O2. That is the following equation.

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2022年11月 2日 (水)

Powered society as a source of heat pollution/熱汚染の源泉としての動力社会

 It is hard to deny that humanity in the 21st century seems to be exposed to climate change in the form of global warming. There are data that are easier to understand, even if they are not at the macro level of the Earth.
 The following data is available. [Hover your pointer over the image and click to see a clear, highly detailed image in a new window].

Above source: Japan Meteorological Agency | Changes in heavy rainfall and heat wave days (extreme events) to date

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2022年10月27日 (木)

Promoting Nuclear Power to Deepen the Energy Crisis /エネルギー危機を深める原発推進

 Shallow minded politicians and bureaucrats are once again trying to promote the construction of new nuclear power plants under the guise of power shortage/energy crisis. Why they love nuclear power so much is beyond me. The nuclear waste produced by nuclear power plants is already dispersed and accumulated in many places in Japan, as much as one round of the JR Yamanote line. In the short term, the promotion of nuclear power plants is a money-grubbing scheme, and in the medium to long term, it will only deepen the energy crisis of the human race.

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2022年10月15日 (土)

エネルギー危機を深める原発推進/ Promoting Nuclear Power to Deepen the Energy Crisis


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2022年10月 7日 (金)

高1数Aの使い道(新型コロナ感染症へのアプローチ)/Consider COVID‑19 using high school mathematics(2)


高1数Aの使い道(新型コロナ感染症へのアプローチ)/Consider COVID‑19 using high school mathematics(1): 本に溺れたい




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2022年10月 3日 (月)

高1数Aの使い道(新型コロナ感染症へのアプローチ)/Consider COVID‑19 using high school mathematics(1)




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2022年9月19日 (月)

熱汚染の源泉としての動力社会/Powered society as a source of heat pollution


上記の出典 気象庁 | 大雨や猛暑日など(極端現象)のこれまでの変化

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2022年8月29日 (月)



続きを読む "「具象以前」湯川秀樹(1961年1月)"

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"Before Cosmos" Yukawa Hideki (January 1961)

 One of the greatest joys in life comes when a long-held hope is realized, when years of hard work bear fruit. For a researcher such as myself, the greatest satisfaction in life is when an idea or concept that has long been in the back of my mind comes together in the form of a concrete theoretical system, and when the conclusions that emerge from that system are confirmed by experimentation. Such moments, however, occur only rarely during our long research career. Almost all of our lives are spent repeating the same thing, going back and forth on the same plane. Too often, we look back and find that we are only a little farther along the same plane, even though we think we have made considerable progress through our daily efforts. It is so rare to jump from one level to the next that it is as if a heavenly robe of feathers were to come and stroke us.

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2022年6月 3日 (金)

我们生态危机的历史根源 / Lynn White, jr. 1967.


 不幸的是,这篇论文已经被遗忘了。它在互联网上有一个PDF文件〔ダウンロード - lynnwhiterootsofcrisis.pdf〕,但我怀疑很多读者会费力去搜索它。然而,我决定将这篇文章发布在我的博客上,因为我认为将文章的文本放在互联网上会更好,使那些对环境危机感兴趣的人在搜索关键词时更容易找到它。但是,如果版权人要求删除该文章,我们会遵从其要求。

※cf. 这篇论文被收录在.
LYNN WHITE, JR. Dynamo and Virgin Reconsidaered: Essays in the Dynamism of Western Culture, 1968, Massachusetts, The MIT Press

続きを読む "我们生态危机的历史根源 / Lynn White, jr. 1967."

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