複雑系(complex system)

2022年12月17日 (土)

価格を決定するものは、「需要」ではなく、「費用」である(2)/ What determines price is not "demand" but "cost" (2)

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1)塩沢由典「生産性、技術変化、実質賃金」『季刊 経済理論』vol.56,no.3, 2019年/10月




続きを読む "価格を決定するものは、「需要」ではなく、「費用」である(2)/ What determines price is not "demand" but "cost" (2)"

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2022年12月15日 (木)

What determines price is not "demand" but "cost"

 Relative prices are determined by cost, not demand, is the most important proposition of the Theory of Value, which has been handed down from the classical school to Sraffa. The neoclassical champion, K. J. Arrow, has elaborated on this argument in a negative context, which I will quote from three places.

Kenneth J. Arrow, Frank H. Hahn, General competitive analysis, (Advanced textbooks in economics, v. 12), North-Holland, 1st ed. 1971 5th pri. 1988


Evaluation of K. J. Arrow's "Non-Substitution Theorem"

Chapter 1 Historical Introduction, p.14
Samuelson [1951] and Georgescu-Roegen [1951] showed that with one primary factor it is still true that relative prices of produced goods are determined by the tehnology, independent of demand conditions. This is, in a certain sense, a suprising resuscitation of the classical theory in which prices are determined by supply conditions alone. Since competitive production always minimizes costs, it follows that the technique actually chosen for the production for any commodity is also independnt of demand conditions, though it will depend, in general, on technological conditions in other industries. For more extended discussion, see Section 2.11.

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価格を決定するものは、「需要」ではなく、「費用」である/ What determines price is not "demand" but "cost"

 相対価格は、需要ではなく、費用によって決まる、とは、古典派から Sraffaまで連綿として継承されている Theory of Value(相対価格理論)の最も重要な命題です。この議論を、新古典派のチャンピオンである、K. J. Arrow がネガティブな文脈で詳説していますので、3箇所から引用しておきます。

アロー, ハーン [著] ; 福岡正夫, 川又邦雄訳『一般均衡分析』岩波書店, 1976.3


K. J. Arrow の「非代替定理」に対する評価


続きを読む "価格を決定するものは、「需要」ではなく、「費用」である/ What determines price is not "demand" but "cost""

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2022年11月29日 (火)

Microfoundations of Evolutionary Economics (Evolutionary Economics and Social Complexity Science, 15), 2019/7/10

Yoshinori Shiozawa, Masashi Morioka, Kazuhisa Taniguchi
Microfoundations of Evolutionary Economics
Springer; 1st ed. (2019/7/10)
364 pages
ISBN-10 : 4431552669

※ Below is an essay I submitted to Amazon Reviews.

"a great breakthrough--an achievement of paramount importance"

The following is a quote from the following book.
Marc Lavoie, Post Keyensian Economics 2nd Edition (2022), p. 191,Edward Elgar Pub, 2022/5/31

続きを読む "Microfoundations of Evolutionary Economics (Evolutionary Economics and Social Complexity Science, 15), 2019/7/10"

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2022年11月 7日 (月)

Feasibility of freedom/自由の実現可能性

 Students who were happy to work on such a particular assignment with such restrictions, and who gave excellent answers, were completely at a loss as to what to do once they were given the freedom to change the restrictions at their own discretion.
 Whatever we are, we operate under a variety of constraints. And not all restrictions are bad, but there are "just the right restrictions," and because of these restrictions, there is also the joy of letting the wings of human intellect flap freely.
Masahiko Sato, "Monthly Newspaper," Chuko Bunko, September 2009, "Tanoshii seiyaku" p.103

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自由の実現可能性 / Feasibility of freedom


続きを読む "自由の実現可能性 / Feasibility of freedom"

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2022年9月 1日 (木)

未発の潜勢力としての「Chaos 混沌」/ "Chaos" as an unexploited potential force

荘子、ニーチェ、湯川秀樹/ Zhuangzi, Nietzsche and Yukawa Hideki: 本に溺れたい


続きを読む "未発の潜勢力としての「Chaos 混沌」/ "Chaos" as an unexploited potential force"

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2022年8月29日 (月)



続きを読む "「具象以前」湯川秀樹(1961年1月)"

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"Before Cosmos" Yukawa Hideki (January 1961)

 One of the greatest joys in life comes when a long-held hope is realized, when years of hard work bear fruit. For a researcher such as myself, the greatest satisfaction in life is when an idea or concept that has long been in the back of my mind comes together in the form of a concrete theoretical system, and when the conclusions that emerge from that system are confirmed by experimentation. Such moments, however, occur only rarely during our long research career. Almost all of our lives are spent repeating the same thing, going back and forth on the same plane. Too often, we look back and find that we are only a little farther along the same plane, even though we think we have made considerable progress through our daily efforts. It is so rare to jump from one level to the next that it is as if a heavenly robe of feathers were to come and stroke us.

続きを読む ""Before Cosmos" Yukawa Hideki (January 1961)"

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2021年12月31日 (金)

過去は「anchor」である/ The past is an "anchor"


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